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Medical translation
(from 2 hours)

  • Urgent translations as from 2 hours
  • Translators with a medical degree
  • Discounts on the translation of documents and texts in excess of 5 pages
  • Possibility to order online
  • Privacy guaranteed

Translation activities in the field of medicine include the translation of various scientific articles, documents for diagnostic and laboratory equipment, information from the pharmaceutical industry, patient medical records, test results and many other highly specialized topics in the field of medicine and health.

  • High quality. We translate medical texts and documents in accordance with the standards of terminology and presentation. Multi-stage quality control and involvement of translators with specialized education make it possible to convey meaning, figures, terms, facts and other information as accurately as possible.
  • Vast experience. Our company has been operating in Saint Petersburg since 2001 and today is one of the best translation agencies in the region. We are not standing still, but are constantly developing, and this helps us to carry out translation activities at the highest level.
  • Speed. Our company has a solid team of professional and responsible translators with a medical degree, proofreaders and editors. Therefore, the translation of any medical texts of any length is carried out promptly within the time limits agreed with the customer. Urgent translation of medical documents and texts is carried out within 2 hours.
  • Confidentiality. We understand that the issue of human health is extremely sensitive. Therefore, we guarantee 100% confidentiality of data on our part. Our customers can be completely sure that none of the most valuable information will go beyond our company.
  • Adequate prices. We offer affordable rates for our services. The cost of services may vary depending on the level of complexity and length of the text. To find out the cost of translation of any medical text, please use “Calculate the cost of translation” online form.

Services and rates

  • Translation (see details)

    from 800

    rubles per page

  • Notarization of translation


    rubles за документ

  • Apostille Ministry of Justice (3-5 days) по СПб и ЛО (see details)


    +2500 state fee

  • Apostille ЗАГС (3-5 days) по СПб и ЛО (see details)


    +2500 state fee

  • Apostille General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (3-5 days) по СПб и ЛО (see details)


    +2500 state fee

  • Apostille Ministry of Education (45 days) любой регион РФ (see details)


    +2500 state fee

    +1700 power of attorney

    +680 notarized copy of the passport

  • Получение справки об отсутствии судимости (see details)



  • Получение повторного документа из архива ЗАГС любой регион РФ


    +350 state fee

    +1700 power of attorney

  • Доставка по СПБ (в день готовности заказа)



  • Доставка по РФ и в другие страны (see details)

    from 900


  • Notarized copy of document


    +120 за страницу

  • Additional copy of translation (храним бессрочно)



  • Interpretation (see details)

    from 1000


Сalculation of cost, online order

Vosstaniya 6 Translation Agency offers professional services for the translation of medical articles, documents and literature in various fields:

  • Translation in such areas as pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery, gynecology, cardiology, urology, dentistry, pharmacology, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical documents: instructions and applications for drugs, certificates of conformity, pharmacovigilance, information for patients and physicians, drug reference books, manufacturing approvals, etc.
  • Scientific literature in the field of medicine: reports, publications, conference materials, theses, guidelines, as well as scientific articles, reference books, textbooks, popular science and specialized literature for pharmacists and health workers.
  • Medical documents: extracts, opinions of physicians and medical specialists, treatment regimens and plans, surgical reports, test and examination results, patient medical records, treatment prescriptions.
  • Documents for medical equipment and instruments: descriptions, guidelines and user and operating manuals, catalogs, technical documents, advertising leaflets, equipment supply and sale and purchase agreements.
  • Information and documents related to conducted studies of various drugs and pharmaceuticals: contracts, protocols, brochures, registration cards, master files.
  • Foreign Internet portals relating to medical equipment and instruments, medicine, clinical trials, pharmaceutics, official websites of foreign clinics and many others.

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Сalculation of cost, online order