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Legal translation
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  • Accurate and unambiguous translation of legal documents
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Legal translation may be necessary both for an individual person and companies engaged in financial and economic activities with partners abroad. Unlike everyday speech and writing, legal texts are usually replete with a variety of terms that make it difficult to work with them. And the translation of legal texts must be carried out as qualitatively as possible, since the distortion of meaning of even a single word can lead to serious consequences.

Legal translation features

Translation of legal documents includes the presentation in Russian or a foreign language of the exact meaning of official papers, which entail the occurrence, change or termination of legal relations.

Work on the translation of legal documents is considered to be one of the most difficult tasks. It is necessary to take into account not only the general meaning of the text, but also correctly construe the meaning of various terms. Moreover, legal translation into English and some other languages should take into account differences in the legal system between Russia and other countries. There is another important aspect – observance of correct form of presentation.

Services and rates

  • Translation (see details)

    from 800

    rubles per page

  • Notarization of translation


    rubles за документ

  • Apostille Ministry of Justice (3-5 days) по СПб и ЛО (see details)


    +2500 state fee

  • Apostille ЗАГС (3-5 days) по СПб и ЛО (see details)


    +2500 state fee

  • Apostille General Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (3-5 days) по СПб и ЛО (see details)


    +2500 state fee

  • Apostille Ministry of Education (45 days) любой регион РФ (see details)


    +2500 state fee

    +1700 power of attorney

    +680 notarized copy of the passport

  • Получение справки об отсутствии судимости (see details)



  • Получение повторного документа из архива ЗАГС любой регион РФ


    +350 state fee

    +1700 power of attorney

  • Доставка по СПБ (в день готовности заказа)



  • Доставка по РФ и в другие страны (see details)

    from 900


  • Notarized copy of document


    +120 за страницу

  • Повторный перевод


    rubles за документ

  • Additional copy of translation


    rubles за документ

  • Interpretation (see details)

    from 1000


Сalculation of cost, online order

Documents to be translated

The category of legal translation includes the translation of the following types of official papers:

  • Documents relating to financial and economic activities of enterprises. Such documents include agreements with counterparties, business correspondence, primary documents, accounts and papers confirming the legitimacy of the company’s operations in Russia and foreign countries (articles of association, licenses, certificates).
  • Regulatory legal acts. This category includes federal laws, regulatory documents of constituent entities of the Federation, subordinate regulatory legal acts and decrees of the authorities that regulate legal relations in the territory of our country.
  • Other documents. We mean business plans, business references, commercial offers, etc.

Specialized translation in the Translation Agency

An expert who translates legal documents from/to Russian should, first of all, have a good understanding of jurisprudence. It is reasonable to entrust the translation to a translator who has a law degree and is fluent in a foreign target language.

It is hardly possible to perform such translation on your own, especially if you have no idea about the law as such. Therefore, it is better to entrust it to translators from a specialized agency. Vosstaniya 6 Translation Agency employs experts in the field of law who constantly translate legal documents. Our experience combined with knowledge of the legal system of a particular country can guarantee the correctness of translation of documents of any complexity.

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Сalculation of cost, online order

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